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We Hope Students Will Be Happy

Posted On: Apr 29 2019

We passed Metcha Books “Chiyako Ramailo” to teachers of 15 schools at Dhading. They backed to th

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Match Books Series ‘Tea Time’ Nepali Version ‘Chiyako Ramailo’

Posted On: Apr 22 2019

Assitej Nepal and Theater Mall Nepal, Thank you for introducing for our social activities and distri

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Testimonials From Schools In Nepal

Posted On: Apr 16 2019

We got testimonials from schools in Nepal. Thank you :)

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Beautiful Pictures From Nepali Kids

Posted On: Apr 16 2019

We got beautiful pictures that kids draw from Nepal. Thank you :)

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Your Smile Can Even Melt Ice With It

Posted On: Mar 5 2019

"Your smile can even melt ice with it." " 'Chiyako Ramailo' makes you so happy anywhere." by Krishn

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