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Our First Kids Books !!!

Posted On: Mar 2 2019

Krishna Kumpre distributed “Chiyako Ramailo” to kids at Janajyoti School, Kalikot, Nepal. This p

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New Metcha Books Series “Chiyako Ramailo”

Posted On: Mar 1 2019

Krishna Kumpre distributed new Metcha books series "Chiyako Ramailo" to kids in Kalikot, Nepal. We h

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New Metcha Books ‘Chiyako Ramailo’

Posted On: Feb 6 2019

New Metcha Books 'Chiyako Ramailo' Story and Art by Mil Sakai Nepali Translation: Krishna Kumpure

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Kids Smile With Metcha Books ‘BanBhoj’

Posted On: Jan 31 2019

Krishna Kumpre distributed Metcha Books 'BanBhoj' to students at Janajagriti Public School in Dhadin

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She Was Enjoying With The Book

Posted On: Jan 30 2019

Diperson Jung Rana gave Metcha books 'Ban Bhoj' and chocolates to beggars kids in Kamaladi Ganeshtha

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