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The Letter

Posted On: Dec 6 2016

Helping nature of the neighbor makes the society wonderful place to live. "The letter" gives the mor

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Nice To Meet You

Posted On: Dec 6 2015

We have the experience of welcoming a new friend or becoming a new friend. Children will

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The day I was born

Posted On: Dec 6 2014

All of we have "birthday" equally. From the book children will know that birthday is special day to

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You Are My Friend

Posted On: Oct 5 2013

Children will learn "cooperation" from the book and they will be getting kind to their friends and f

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Thank You So Much

Posted On: Aug 1 2012

Children will find "thanks" to their family and friends an everyday life and they will g

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I Love You So Much

Posted On: Apr 12 2011

The story book "I love you so much" teaches good moral education to children. It motivates children

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